May dividends

May isn’t even over but I’m ready to post my dividends. Time flies, huh! I’m going to be building a monthly dividend income page over the next few days which will back date this out and show what I’ve done month by month since I have started, so stay tuned!

Main –

GIS – 8.80

KMI – 46.08

HCP – 52.55


O – 3.60

Total – 111.03

PS – Portfolio page now updated (June 3rd)


Stock Purchase

Today I purchased 53 shares of O at $46.2648. Total purchase price including commission was¬†$2,459.98. I now have 123 shares of O in my portfolio, generating monthly income of $23.3085. I’ll update my portfolio page at the end of this month.This will be my only purchase until mid June as I am swallowing some heavy expenses related to my recent apartment move.

For my next purchase I plan on either adding to my position in O, increasing my position in JNJ or initiating a position in OHI.

Just lunch

I started my journey in investing roughly a year ago, and during that time I’ve grown more and more interested in frugality and finding ways to save money that can be invested and grown. One of the key mental shifts that I think successfully saving money requires is shifting from viewing each spending decision in isolation, instead viewing each decision as part of a unified series.

Thus we arrive at lunch. Until recently I bought lunch every day at work. I even teased my girlfriend for bringing her lunch to work. In my mind, I was making good money and buying lunch was something I didn’t need to do.

As I started cooking for myself, I realized the cost per meal I was making was averaging around two or three dollars per meal. Rather than viewing each lunch I bought as a simple ten or twelve dollar expense, I started looking at the spread between home cooked lunch and take out over time, and what that money would grow into over time if invested and compounded.

Assuming eight dollars in saving a a day from bringing lunch rather than buying, invested in SPY quarterly over five years, you arrive at $14,314. Do this for another five years and you arrive at a little over $34,000! Do this over a 30 year career and you end up at $249,451!

Chipotle adds up! The key to getting started is getting started!

My First Post

This is my first post. I’m a 27 year old living in New York City who works in Finance. I’ve recently become interested in dividend investing, and frugal living. This blog will document my investing strategy and hopefully my insights into living a more frugal lifestyle in New York City.

Please leave comments with any feedback!